July 19, 2016

Package Pricing

Hand & Knee Event Planning Pricing Packages


Initial Complimentary Consultation

This consultation is included with each service package and is the perfect way to decide if Hand & Knee Event Planning is best suited for your event style, personality, and overall vision. This will be a casual meet-and-greet, where we can talk about your wedding or event goals, ideas, style, preferences, budget and all the other wonderful things that are part of putting together an amazing event experience. Once you have decided that Hand & Knee is the right planner for you, we’ll begin the process! After this meeting you are allowed unlimited calls and e-mails to answer any questions or concerns that we may not have covered in during our consultation, and throughout the entire planning process. Again, please feel free to take advantage of our Initial Complimentary Consultation, it is important to ask questions; don’t be shy, we welcome all event planning inquiries, simply send us an email at victoria@handandknee.com or call us at 956-225-5903 to setup an initial complimentary consultation.

Our Initial Complementary Consultation will look a little like this:

  • Presentation and explanation of your event and/or wedding vision
  • Budget concerns and expectations
  • Discuss guest list limitations determined by budget size
  • Style, direction and ideas for your event
  • Review decoration ideas, scheme and colors
  • Discuss your overall wedding/event goals
  • Review venue choices and options
  • Discuss flexible payment plans
  • And of course, how Hand & Knee can wonderfully cater to your vision and create the wedding, celebration, or event that expresses your individuality and taste


** Some clients might merely want direction and guidance, and have no intention to enlist the services of Hand & Knee Event Planning, and this is perfectly fine. We do offer a 2-hour consultation which we like to call the “Brainstorming Session” as Package One-Half for a one-time fee of $125. We would use these 2 hours to create a to-do list and to discuss potential vendor contacts, expected expenditures, budget requirements, venue listings, event direction, social media event management, and targeted audiences, etc.



The “Day-Of”
Package One begins at $1,250

This is the simply perfect “Day-Of” package for the organized, detailed bridal couple or client who has had the time and desire to handle the wedding and or event planning and details themselves, but would like to have an event planner on call for the moments where guidance, advice, or direction from someone with experience would be helpful. Perhaps you would feel at peace knowing that this event planner, a wonderful Hand & Knee Event Planner, would be available on the “Day Of” to act as a coordinator and attend and direct the rehearsals, wedding, and reception or all event activities. This package is designed to set the celebration off in the right direction and includes three distinct meetings after the complimentary consultation. This package will allow you to have an on-call event planner who will help direct you in a way that is most beneficial for the entirety and success of your event.

In the case of any event or wedding, if our client has family members who intend to act as coordinators for the bridal shower, wedding rehearsals, wedding ceremony, reception, or any of the day of event activities, but still would like to have an experienced event planner on hand, discounted packages are also available.

And of course, just to clarify, Hand & Knee Event Planning coordinates birthday parties for both children and adults, class reunions, art galleries, gender reveals, baby showers, quinceañeras, sweet sixteens, and all things weddings. Hand & Knee specializes in art-based community events and outlandish, unique event themes. Whatever you might be planning, always keep in mind that our first complimentary consultation is free of charge and can be used as a great way to see which direction your event can go. 



The “Let’s Begin”
Package Two begins at $1,950

This is an amped up “Day-Of” package and is ideal for the client who wants to maintain a social life outside of event planning, but still wants to be the main decision maker. This package eliminates the stress of selecting the right vendors and adds the fun back into putting together an event. From the moment you choose Hand & Knee Event Planning, you’ll be able to take a nice deep breath and just enjoy the fun and journey of putting together a great event. This package includes everything from Package One, plus our attendance during venue and vendor meetings.

Package Two allows you to have more one-on-one time with your event planner – think about it this way, you just hired yourself a very able set of additional hands who will very nearly act as your personal assistant and guide as we plan this event together. The fun part? You’ll be able to take a very nice chunk of the credit when the guests are asking “how you did it” with a sly wink and a behind the back, high-five. This is a teamwork package. 



The “Typical Victoria”
Package Three begins at $2,500

Hand & Knee offers unique and personalized approaches toward event planning thanks to our very own, Victoria Lopez. Most clients choose, and recommend, Hand & Knee Event Planning because of Victoria’s artistic and bold approach toward “putting together one heck of a party.” She’s all about breaking barriers and doing the outlandish (don’t worry, she’s also very good at keeping it simple and tasteful.)

Many clients like the convenience of Package Three because of their ability to customize it to best fit their event planning needs. We know that no event is ever the same, and that some events have goal specific requirements. This package allows Hand & Knee to take the lead while keeping your style and vision in mind. We design the look, the schedule, invite you to accompany us to vendor appointments, assist with your event attire (or wedding looks) selection, direct the rehearsal and orchestrate a one-of-a-kind event leaving out not even the smallest detail.

And no worries, we’ll keep you updated, and of course, you can call and email us with any questions that you may have. We love planning events, and you’ll love being able to be at peace knowing that your special celebration is in good hands. Package Three is a lot like watching a cake in an oven, it’s coming along, it’s almost there, but honestly, the oven is doing most of the work, but in the end, we’re all eating the cake. 



The “We Got This”
Package Four begins at $5,000

This package was designed with the out-of-town bridal couple or on-the-go client in mind. Let’s be real, event planning is a time consuming endeavor, and when it comes to time, most of us don’t have as much as we’d like; if that’s the case, then this package is ideal. You’ll get a fantastic event without the headache. We’ll review your event or wedding wishes and requirements, take charge of your budget, make all the decisions, hire all the vendors, negotiate all your contracts, create your event décor, handle etiquette issues, favors, guest keepsakes, coordinate hotel rooms, transportation, dinners, invitations, save the day cards, and social media management.

 In addition we include post event day services that include the return of rental items, florist supplies, and vendor equipment. You can be as involved or un-involved as you wish. We supply you with weekly e-mail updates and phone calls to keep up updated in regard to our progress. Again, we are at your service, feel free to call, text, or email us if you have any questions or additional event vision feedback. Sit back, relax, and let us handle it, after all, “we got this.”



The “Name Your Price”
Package Five begins at (your rate here)

Hand & Knee Event Planning wants to offer you the best service at the most affordable price. Not every package caters to a particular event, and that’s alright, because no one event is ever the same. Budgets vary, the size of the party varies, and each vision is different and wonderfully unique. With this being said, simply send us an email at victoria@handandknee.com or call us at 956-225-5903 to setup an initial complimentary consultation. We would love to hear about your special event, celebration, wedding, or even maybe a really romantic surprise date. We love the “Name Your Price” package for the simple fact that we get to help make a wonderful memory.



 The “Custom Fit”
Package Six is fixed off a $65 hourly rate

If the packages we offer do not fit the needs of a client, then we can create a custom package that would best suit your event needs. It may be that all you need is someone to point you in the right direction or provide professional vendor recommendations. Perhaps, you’d like to simply enlist a day’s worth of hands on help, or have an experienced event planner coordinate vendors who would be best for your event. Your time is important, and 8 hours of an experienced event planners time would alleviate a tremendous amount of worry. In reference to this package, Hand & Knee will charge an hourly rate.

Examples of this packages can, but are not limited to:

  • Event decorations: centerpieces, entire event set up/break down
  • Honeymoon reservations
  • Entertainment booking service
  • Equipment rentals
  • Linen rentals
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Social Media Management
  • RSVP service
  • Invitation design and consultation
  • Event Poster Design
  • Venue search



** All packages are listed at “begins at” package price ranges to better offer our clients an idea of what their potential investment in an event planner service fee might look like. No listed prices are set, and are all liable for change, negotiation, and fluctuation. No package price is set until the time that the Hand & Knee Event Planning Client Contract has been signed by the client after the Initial Complementary Consultation. Package price listings do not include tax, tax will be included via invoice and attached to the Hand & Knee Event Planning Client Contract.

** Hand & Knee Event Planning prefers flat fee service rates for reasons of convenience and integrity. Alternative service rates such as percentage of total expenses, hourly rate, percentage of expenses plus hourly rate, and commissionable rates can be made available upon discussion during the Initial Complementary Consultation.

** Hand & Knee Event Planning is a locally owned business and operates out of McAllen, Texas

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