Fire in May


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“Thank you so much for supporting me and my writing; you inspire me to do what I love every day.” -Victoria

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‘Fire in May’ is a fiction novel written by Victoria Lopez. This is her first published work.

“She will not be made lost by the lost. After finding herself in an unknown place, a young woman must find the strength and willingness in herself to meet the conditions set by enigmatic hosts whose paths assess her character. From a lavish atrium to a dim, dreary stone cavern, it is asked that she come to terms with her inner turmoil. In this unnatural place of no name, her destiny becomes intertwined with enduring themes of the supernatural, inexplicit fear and doubt, and the murderous consequences of allowing one to slip further into depression. Fire in May allows a modern reader to venture his or her own presuppositions of philosophical matters of the heart and human spirit.”


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