Worry Doesn’t Define You

There is no doubt that we have all been plagued by that of worry, and truly plague is the proper word. Worry sweeps unwelcomely over us and robs us of those things which are undeniably ours – hope, health, peace, happiness, wellness, and above all, love. To this matter, I have no rebuttal other than this: Do not accept that which is not yours. As I say, and shall say forever onward, you are worthy despite situation or circumstance.

Although it is ordinarily natural to experience these human emotions, I believe that, with new perspective, we can react to worry in such a way that will limit the hurt that can be rooted in ourselves, and ultimately, in others through us.

To begin, do not allow another’s emotions to overwhelmingly become your own — two will be made blind. This is in the case of families, friendships, relationships, workplaces, and life in general. Often we have recognized that when worry does come into the heart and mind of a close loved one, they tend to either pull away to cope in the company of themselves, despondent, and uncommunicative or they come to you for comfort, for an ear to share in their hurts, emotional, and almost very certainly in a state of irrationality. This is all very human, but it is our humanity that paves the way toward our own destruction. It is human tendency between loved ones to absorb the feelings of the other. If your partner is joyous, you are as well. If your family is in a foul mood, you too can become unpleasant.

Again, do not accept that which is not yours. If your partner has fallen to worry, and you, too, follow in suit, then surely there shall be more heartache. When facing such trying times, it is terribly difficult to keep sight of what is most important. Remember, this situation does not define you, you represent more than what you are going through, this will strengthen you in preparation of times to come, your character is being tested, and although these truths are of no comfort in the time being, all will be well.

We are more spirit than man, and worry belongs to that of the world. While yes, this situation is in the present, and it does cause us much ache, we too, in retrospect, give power to this worry by speaking it into existence, by feeding it, and inadvertently, we are giving life to the very poison that is the culprit of a very real grief. We, at the very end, are robbing ourselves by allowing worry a valid place in our consciousness.


Though this may all seem perpetually dismal, there is a saving grace; to worry is to torment oneself with or to suffer heavily from disturbing thoughts, from fret. We are our greatest asset and most potent downfall. It is, by our own choosing that we lay in despair, and become so emotionally impacted by that which is not ours. You were not made to worry, you were made worthy. Be bold, and cast away that which is of the world back into the world. Change sits at the back of your throat, use your precious gift of a voice to speak words of affirmation and hope into your life. Speak with authority and claim wellness, for you have not been made ill, you have simply been torn away from that which is your perfect purpose, distracted and in distress.

We have all lost sight, and this message is for those who believe that there is no hope in tomorrow. Life will bring you worry, yes, but do not call that which is so very temporary your greatest worry. Carry your concerns with grace, for all that we entertain can become worse still, or better yet. How can we overcome burden if we allow it to defeat us? Understand that as long as you are alive, there is hope. Look at your hand, those lines etched upon them are uniquely yours. Perfectly crafted. You have the potential to touch hearts and impact others in the greatest of ways, do not cast your worry to them, to those you love, and instead transform these earthly worries into an extension for further direction.

When your loved one grows tired from worry, apprehensive, or distant, be there for them in tenderness and clarity. Speak hope, in all you do, you are worthy. Breathe again, anew, and focus on that which is fulfillment. Everything else is robbery, and you, so surely, are precious. You are well.


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